Entry Eighteen – Storyboards

Created rough Storyboards from the Concept work and created these to flesh out how much time and art would be needed to create the animatic proof of concept.

With this I brought them into Premier pro and began to construct the rough cut of the Animatic to gauge how things play out as currently planned

The Last Boss First Rough Animatic

Since this is still visual right now is based around what is seen and lacking dialogue but generally seems like it needs an establishing shot first and in need of some clearer design as towards the gameplay demonstration.


  1. The Last Boss. I like the concept! I thought your portrayal of suited armor people were spot on, I will check back to see if you added more or finished your production.

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    1. Thank you.
      It was an animatic made as a proof of concept and managed to get it done, which was good as It was for university though as such has taken a back burner.

      Will probably get back to it.


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