Entry Seventeen – Character concepts.

Concept work for Main character of the Overlord and the three Advisers, the spy, Knight and Councilor.   Based on previous concept work (Image on bottom). Difficult to draw in a 2D Hand drawn style? What about colouring and shading?  Would it be pleasing? Good solid and simple shape. Conveys menace. More creepy in its lack of human features but, like who would follow that? … Continue reading Entry Seventeen – Character concepts.

Entry Sixteen – Plot and character iteration one

Faux Heroes – Ideas for each level hero (Transcript from images in italics) The thief – Whispering Penely A roguish character who robs from “the man” because he can afford to lose money irregardless if the robbery ultimately hurts people who are not “The Man”. Idea quote; Lipvig“Do you understand what I’m saying?” shouted Moist. “You can’t just go around killing people!” Mr Pump:”Why Not? You … Continue reading Entry Sixteen – Plot and character iteration one