Entry Twenty Three – Animatic iteration and final

(Work done over a few weeks towards this, not all at once) With the artwork done began to implement it into the test animatics. The last boss animatic 2 This allowed for a better view of the action, content but needed more done towards the pacing and dialouge as it was still a bit jumbled and confused. the last boss animatic 3 Managed to inject … Continue reading Entry Twenty Three – Animatic iteration and final

Entry Eighteen – Storyboards

Created rough Storyboards from the Concept work and created these to flesh out how much time and art would be needed to create the animatic proof of concept. With this I brought them into Premier pro and began to construct the rough cut of the Animatic to gauge how things play out as currently planned The Last Boss First Rough Animatic Since this is still … Continue reading Entry Eighteen – Storyboards

Entry Seventeen – Character concepts.

Concept work for Main character of the Overlord and the three Advisers, the spy, Knight and Councilor.   Based on previous concept work (Image on bottom). Difficult to draw in a 2D Hand drawn style? What about colouring and shading? ¬†Would it be pleasing? Good solid and simple shape. Conveys menace. More creepy in its lack of human features but, like who would follow that? … Continue reading Entry Seventeen – Character concepts.