Entry twenty four – Dissertation.

How can game mechanics be used to create immersive narratives in games   Abstract What is at the core of a games appeal and how can such an appeal be used to harness a player’s investment in a games story to create an immersive narrative that the player feels committed to a game. How a players makes decisions within a game conflict with the desired … Continue reading Entry twenty four – Dissertation.

Entry twelve – Concept Development document.

The Last Boss – Concept development document   My project focuses on the “End Boss” common to most Action/Adventure games where, instead of the Hero, the player controls the last boss commonly met In the last room of the game.   Inspiration   Game design   Extra Credits One if the first sources of inspiration I researched was the video series by game designer James … Continue reading Entry twelve – Concept Development document.

Entry Five – Opaque Rules of play.

I’ve tried for some time to read “Rules of Play by Eric Zimmerman and Katie Salen” yet I’ve found an issue, this is as far as I’ve been able to get. Reading other works, such as The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell, I’m struck by how Rules reads under the assumption of greater industry knowledge and terminology from the reader yet as a learning example … Continue reading Entry Five – Opaque Rules of play.

Honours Project Third Entry – Games Design Research

Researching how people design games, as well as narrative, because while designing games and designing narrative are not wholly the same they are connected enough with overlapping philosophies and practices to begin researching on for a clear for a clearer idea as to where this project is going. The sources I looked up were Industry professionals such as; NarrativeDesign.org continues to be a useful source of information on … Continue reading Honours Project Third Entry – Games Design Research