Midsummer Jam

Joined into the Midsummer jam being held at the Dundee student centre, Alas went solo and due to losing the animations due to laptop power failure couldn’t finish the game but never the less here’s some of the pixel art that did survive the great battery death of 2018.


A standard Diver standing pose and the rough walk animation cycle.

The way it was done was a bit strange but Intriguing, instead of a word given from the theme they played the music Floating Floating by August Wilhelmsson, a serene little piece but couldn’t really think of much for a game Idea that I could quickly do alone in that time.
Naturally, I hit up Google image till I found this;


This royalty free sci-fi scene of an astronaut floating in an abandoned city seemed to fit witht the music and it gave an idea for a simple game of a diver jumping around a sunken city to return to his boat.

Seemed doable.

So I broke out the Bamboo slate and did some concept sketches as well as some research for the Pixel art Style.


Might come back to this at a later date.

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