Entry Seven – Defining the games structure and mechainics


Transcript from the page above.


This may seem obvious but since games are a blank slate rules wise it’s good to start with the most basic groundwork and build up on top of that.

Since most games are represented on a screen/monitor we often have a consistent pixel we often have a consistent pixel aspect ratio at 4:3 (full screen) or 16:9 (Widescreen) to work within, it is possible to deviate but not recommended.

The last Boss is an Action/adventure game, keeping the main character in the center square (with the X) is vital, the background, mid ground and foreground should scroll to create the illusion of moving through an environment.

Now my game features only the throne room but that does not mean the entire room has to fit onto screen, a larger room to move in will convey the sense of scale of the room while subtly displaying the main characters wealth.

After all, this is where the “Dark Lord” rules his people from and would most likely is big enough for the various middle men to stand inside of and receive orders from in.”



Transcript from the page above.

Think of it as three panes of glass pressed together inside each pane is where the art assets go.

How will the environment that the player character moves through be depicted and what rules will this follow?

Most 2d games go with a simple three layers to flesh out their world; this is so as it is a simple and effective way to create a world without over complicating the issue.

The background is used to depict the distant parts of the environment, the horizon and parts of the environment the player would not interact with.

Most of the objects, or artifacts, that the player can interact with through the character they control can be found in the mid-ground such as the enemies, items, switches and the ground.

The foreground, while it can be used for depictions of the environment and effects, doing so can obscure the players ability to navigate through the game world as the art assets depicted there will be in front of the player character or hide mid-ground objects leading  to unfair problems that the player cannot work around.”


Transcript from the page above.

Environment Layout

My own player space for the game will be fairly simple, one room. It will take place entirely in the throne room. Where the player will be able to interact with the “Dark Lords” advisers through dialogue choices and fight the hero that shows up as a result of those choices.”



With the basics of how The Last Boss’s mechanics and world work creating a more developed guide to what the player can do and what the tangible goals are that the mechanics must follow.




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